August 1, 2016

Every Filmmaking Form You'll Ever Need in 99 Free Templates

Ease your workload (and your mind) with these free templates for everything from storyboarding to contracts to accounting.

[Editor's Note: No Film School asked Adrijana Lazarevic to collect these 99 templates because of her expertise working with filmmakers at]

No one really feels like doing paperwork, but let’s be honest: no good film comes without organization and planning. That’s where templates can help you out. I work at a startup that creates software for filmmakers, and we see how busy you are every day, so we collected the most helpful templates, guides and checklists out there to make your life a little easier. They really help save time for what matters most: letting your creativity flow and producing breathtaking movies that won’t be forgotten. 

The categories covered in this list are: Script Prep/Pre-production, Storyboard/Mood Board Templates, Shot List Templates, Script Breakdown Sheets, Budgeting, Accounting, Personnel/Cast Forms, Insurance Forms, Equipment Documents, Production/Shooting, and Music Releases.

Script Prep/Pre-production

Much of your planning happens well before production, including trying to get investors on board and starting to determine who your audience will be. Here are some templates for early steps, including a form for "optioning" a story that you want to produce, and a director's worksheet that lays out what you'd like to see happen in each scene.

1. Director’s Worksheet - Film Contracts 
. Guide to Formatting a Screenplay - Final Draft
3Literary Option & Purchase - Sonnyboo 
Ultimate Creative Brief Filestage
Cinematography Pre-Production Checklist - Film Contracts
. Buyer Persona Template - Filestage

Storyboard/Mood Board Templates

Storyboarding is a cornerstone of the filmmaking process. A storyboard is a sequence of drawings that paint a picture of the your storyline, showing the structure of, and vision for, key scenes. We've also included a moodboard sheet for establishing the visual style of your film.

7. Moodboard Template - Filestage 
8. Storyboard
- Filestage
9. Storyboard - Sonnyboo
10. Storyboard - Filmsourcing
11. TV Storyboard - Film Contracts 

Shot List Templates

Organization is the key to a successful shoot. With the help of a shot list, you can easily arrange single shots within any given scene. You can determine, for example, the number of shots necessary to capture a particular action most effectively. Give it a try with one of these practical templates.

12. Shot List - Film Contracts 
Shot List - Learnaboutfilm 
Shot List - LAvideoFilmmaker 
Camera Shot List - Filmsourcing
Camera Shot List Advanced - Filmsourcing

Script Breakdown Sheets

Here you can find helpful templates providing detailed descriptions of scenes, and the equipment and personnel assigned to each one. This way, you never lose sight, and can make sure everything is going according to plan.

17. Script Breakdown Sheet - Studiobinder 
Breakdown Sheet - Michael Wiese Books
Script Breakdown Sheet - Sonnyboo


While making a film, you or your producer have to keep a lot of things in mind and, before you know it, you can easily go over budget. This compilation of templates will help make sure that you don't lose sight of your financial statements. Some of them additionally provide examples of budgeting.

20. Sample Budget - Sonnyboo 
Budget and Invoice Template - Fstoppers 
Film Budget Top Sheet - Making the Movie 
Questions & Budget Creation - Michael Wiese Books 


Accounting Records

Once you have a budget, you have to actually do the accounting. Maintaining an overview of your finances and money flow is crucial. Check your financial resources by making notes of their movement. These forms will help you keep track.

Inflows 30
24. Amount Received - Film Contracts
25. Cash or Sales Receipt - Film Contracts
26. Promissory Note - Film Contracts

27. Daily Cost Overview - Film Contracts
28. Cash Flow Sheet/PO Log - StudioBinder
29. Final Cast List SAG-UBCP - Film Contracts

General Forms
30. Check Request - Film Contracts
31. Invoice Template - Going Freelance
32. Simple Invoice Template - Steve Hall Video
33. Expense Report - HowtoFilmschool 

Personnel Forms

From general contracts and agreements to crew templates, many of these forms are necessary to lay out a foundation for the business behind your film and get a good team on board.

Cast & Crew Lists
34. Crew Contact List - Filmsourcing
35. Cast and Crew List  -  Studiobinder
36. Cast List
 - Film Contracts 

Crew Deal Memos, Contracts and Agreements
37. Crew Deal Memo - New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-Operative
38. Writers Deal Memo - Film Contracts
39. Deal Memos - Film Contracts
40. Producer Contract - ISP Group Inc 
41. Producer Video Release & Contract - Film Contracts 
42. Contractor Agreements - Film Contracts
43. Photographer Work For Hire - ISP Group Inc
44. Producer Agreement (Short Form) - Film Contracts
45. Producer Agreement - Sonnyboo 
46. Producer’s Royalty Attachment - ISP Group Inc
47. Executive Employment Agreement - ISP Group Inc 

Partnership Documents
48. General Proxy - ISP Group Inc 
49. Consulting Agreement - ISP Group Inc 
50. Investor Suitability - ISP Group Inc
51. General Partnership Agreement - ISP Group Inc
52. Joint Venture Agreement 1 - ISP Group Inc 
53. Loanout Agreement - Film Contracts

Cast Forms
54. Basic Actor Info Sheet - Sonnyboo 
55. Casting Sheet - Film Contracts
56. Cast Scene Number Breakdown - Film Contracts
57. Cast Deal Memo - Film Contracts
58. Actor Contract - Sonnyboo
59. Freelance Actors Contract - Film Contracts

Appearance Releases
60. Personal Release - Film Contracts
61. Talent Release - PremiumBlog
62. Actor Release - Film Contracts
63. Freelance Performer Agreement - Film Contracts
64. Actor Player Casting Agreement - Film Contracts
65. Nudity Rider for Casting Agreement - Film Contracts

Location Scouting

So you found the most suitable locations to portray your vision. Now, as with everything else, you need to do the paperwork and take care of business These templates have you covered.

Site Info  
66. Location Contact List - Film Contracts 
67. Location Scouting - Filmsourcing
68. Location Fact Sheet - PremiumBeat
69. Location Information Sheet - Film Contracts
70. Cinematography Location Information Form - Film Contracts 

Contracts & Releases
71. Location Contract - Film Contracts
72. Production Location Contract - Film Contracts
73. Location Release - PremiumBeat
74. Production Location Release - Film Contracts
75. Location Agreement - Sonnyboo 

film set-shutterstock
Insurance Forms

Keep in mind that life doesn’t always have a bright side. Especially when it comes to accidents or health problems. Therefore, always insure your crew, yourself and the equipment. These templates will get you started.

76. Insurance Claim Worksheet Personal - Film Contracts
77. Actor Insurance Claim Worksheet - New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-Operative
78. Insurance Claim Worksheet Damage - Film Contracts
79. Insurance Claim Worksheet Automobile Accident - Film Contracts
80. Injury / Illness Report Form - Film Contracts

Equipment Documents

A movie is usually not made by a smartphone in one hand and a music player in the other. You need a whole bunch of stuff, plus, you have to deal with it. Cameras, recorders, lights, a whole set, and so on; all this has its price and needs to be paid attention to. These forms can help.

81. Box / Equipment Rental Inventory - Film Contracts 
82. Equipment List - Dependent Films
83. Video Equipment Rental Agreement - Film Contracts
84. Special Camera Rigging Authorization - Film Contracts

Production/Shooting Forms

You've got your cast & crew, locations, and equipment and now you're onto the shoot: the time when staying organized is most crucial. To avoid slip-ups, interruptions or any other negative factors that make your life as director harder than it should be, use these forms. This list includes call sheets, your essential tool for communicating requirements with everyone on set.

Production Papers
85. Production Tracking Form - Film Contracts
86. Filming Notice - Filmsourcing
87. Production Requirement - Film Contracts

Daily Tracking
88. Shot Log - Film Contracts
89. Scene / Take Log - Film Contracts
90. Daily Production Report - New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-Operative
91. Continuity Log Sheet - Filmsourcing
92. Actors Production Time Report - Film Contracts

Call Sheets
93. Call Sheet - Filmsourcing
94. Call Sheet - Cast and Crew Call
95. Call Sheet - StudioBinder
96. Call Sheet Cast - Film Contracts

Music Releases

Imagine movies without any music—unthinkable! Music is an essential part of a film experience. But, just as films have their patents and rights of use and enjoyment, sounds and music do too. And the legal use of music can be complicated. Here are some of the papers that help you do things right.

97. Sound Report - Filmsourcing
98. Music Reference - Filmsourcing
99. Music Release - New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-Operative      

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You could also reference the call sheet / production report called Casper located at They also have accounting forms as well!

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Michael Williams

Last night I found this article and quickly printed them out. I was so excited, I was finally going to write, act, direct and produce my first feature! I lit my oil lamp on my desk and inked my quill. Alone in the dark I started filling out my name across the documents. I was getting to think filmmaking was hard work when I came across something strange... some of the dates were etched in the document. In the dark I fumbled for my magnifying glass, my hand came across a small glass box then I found it. I inspected the date, it read 2003. Confused, I read it again: 2003. I couldn't believe it. I glanced at my calendar which read 1878. Dumbfounded I walked outside and smoked my pipe. All I wanted to do was film a small project called "Horse In Motion." But I had stumbled upon something greater... Was I about to become the first filmmaker and lead a revolution of art? I'm sure there will be a sign somewhere saying EadWeard MuyBridge Productions! Everyone will come by and watch my films! Wait a minute... How did I access the internet? How did I get to this forum? Will I ever get to make "Horse In Motion 2: Money Never Sleeps"?

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Kyle Lamar
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I went to my nonprofit that specialize in documentary films recently and asked them for assistance in finding proper contracts/release forms and help with what is needed when having talent sign a release. To my complete surprise, they weren't able to provide ANY viable leads except for the Indie Film Clinic here in NYC. When I went to the Indie Film Clinic, I learned that apparently the director no longer worked there and the program was put on hold.

Needless to say, thank you NFS and Adrijana Lazarevic. This type of help goes a very long way. Also, I tell all my friends about NFS.

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Thanks, everybody! Let us know if you find more forms that we should add to this list!

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I am glad you can benefit from those great templates. Now you have more time to fuel your creativity :)

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John Lindsay Green

Thanks for including the StudioBinder templates, here's a few more that filmmakers would find useful:

- Shot List Template:
- Storyboard Template:
- Model Release Template:
- Photo Release Template:

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Travel itinerary template specific to cast/crew, anyone?

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Don't forget to copyright your work - another form for the list:

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