As far as innovative smartphone apps in the film and video space go, there’s very few that can be called a true “legacy” brand in this space. That’s due to the fact that smartphones haven’t been around for very long and digital filmmaking is still a relatively new thing in the grand scheme of filmmaking.

Yet, even if we just go back through the history of No Film School, we can find articles talking about this new Shot Lister app back in 2012. Which, in today’s fast-moving film tech world, feels like hundreds of years ago.

Still, while the Shot Lister app has been around for quite awhile, it’s been due for an update. Thankfully, the Shot Lister team has listened and they’ve just announced their completely reworked Shot Lister 5 app. Here’s everything you need to know about this new and improved Shot Lister app and all of its real-time syncing and collaboration features.

Introducing Shot Lister 5

As we’ve discussed with Zach Lipovsky (one of the co-founders of Shot Lister) in a roundtable discussion in the past, Shot Lister has a long and storied history as one of the most important apps every filmmaker needs. Many others have pointed out Shot Lister as a solid option for productions big and small, as it has been used on shows likeMidnight Mass, Ozark, and Disney’s Haunted Mansion.

This new version, though, is a re-invention of the wheel as it is set to include completely new code and features. Most specifically, the new Shot Lister 5 app will include all types of real-time syncing and collaboration features so that your entire crew will be able to share information like storyboards and more.

Instant Crew Sync

Speaking of which, the main goal of this new rework of the Shot Lister app appears to be all about syncing your crew together instantly. Now an unlimited number of users will be able to get updates in real-time on project changes as they happen, plus even make simultaneous changes at the same time when granted access.

Similar to other collaborative apps and software like Google Docs or the myriad of project management services out there, this update was a necessary and long-coming innovation that’s nice to see finally hit this legacy app.

Users will be able to utilize all types of new features and tools, including special note pins and a new ability to anchor different events to specific times so that shooting schedules can remain flexible around hard set times that might be necessary for daylight specifications or working with time-locked actors.

\u200bEverything new coming to Shot Lister 5 Pro

Everything new coming to Shot Lister 5 Pro

Shot Lister

New Features and Subscription Options

Overall, while the app is still free to download and use on all types of macOS, iOS, and even Apple Watch devices, it does want you to upgrade to a Shot Lister Pro subscription service that costs $15.99 a month (or $99.99 a year) to access the full array of features.

Still, the new feature sets are robust and made much more usable by the unlimited inclusion of crew members, which should allow for it to truly be a full-service app that you can share with your entire crew to keep everyone on the same page.

Also, to note, if you currently or previously used an older Shot Lister app, the new Shot Lister 5 app will be released as a beta first and will require all users to create a new account. To find out more about the app and getting set up, you can check it out on the Shot Lister site here.