If your film work is largely commercial, you probably know your way around shooting tables and tents. However, this hack from Caleb Pike of DSLR Video Shooter repurposes an $8 IKEA table and turns it into a small light box that is perfect for capturing professional-level product shots.

First, here's what you're going to need in order to follow Pike's tutorial:

  • Ikea Lack Table
  • Video Light
  • Ball Head for Light
  • Foam Core (16 x 20″)
  • Paper background (22 x 28″)
  • Black Wrap

In order to turn the side table into a light box, you're going to have to first remove one of the legs so there's an opening from which to shoot. (Really, you could use any old side table you have lying around—Pike even says you could use a cardboard box.) 

Pike adds some black paper for the background, but you could really use whichever background you want. Next, in order to bounce as much light as possible, you'll have to add some foam core to the bottom side of the table, since it's not reflective enough. Finally, Pike cuts a sheet of foam core into fourths to use as bounce cards, which he tapes on the sides of the table as needed.

For lighting, he uses a small video light and mounts it to the table with a mini ball head. To flag any unwanted light, he suggests using Black Wrap or black foam core.

This is a decent and inexpensive solution for those that either may not have their own light box or those who just need to put something together quickly when they're in a pinch. And it'll only cost you a few bucks—or nothing at all if you have all of the materials just lying around. 

Source: DSLR Video Shooter