Handling one camera is difficult enough, but being responsible for several others can be downright nerve-racking. If you're about to embark on your first multi-cam project and are feeling a little nervous about it, you might want to get a few tips and techniques that'll help you be more prepared and confident when you arrive on set.

In the video below, Videomaker shares a bunch of great tips, like how to prepare, direct, and edit a multi-cam project.

In this slightly older video from B&H, Chase from Zacuto adds more to the topic on the technical side, including which cameras are ideal for multi-cam shooting, sync settings, and coverage techniques.

Once again and for always, preparation is the key to success, especially if you're working on a project like a wedding, concert, or some other kind of special event that doesn't allow any reshoots. So, on the logistical side of multi-cam shooting, planning ahead can mean the difference between an all-around successful shoot or a complete and utter disaster that ruins your career, so be sure to meet with your crew to make sure that you're all on the same page. 

The technical side is also a crucial part of making a multi-cam shoot run smoothly. Knowing important camera settings and, say, which brands of cameras work well together and which don't will help keep you from falling into common snags later on. That's why the video from B&H is a companion, because those who are unfamiliar with multi-cam shooting may get the logistical part, but may not even realize the changes they need to make in order to get all of their equipment synced up.

Do you have any tips for multi-cam shoots? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Videomaker