Fiilex Has an LED To Light Up Your Sky

Fiilex AL250 Drone Light
Fiilex AL 250 Drone LightCredit: Fiilex
LED expert Fiilex has released its drone-targeted AL250, with GoPro mount, intended for lighting from above.

Long a leader in competitively priced LED products for the film industry, light maker Fiilex has released a new drone-specific lightweight light, the AL250, for your aerial lighting needs. Creating the equivalent of a 200W tungsten source, the tiny, 30W LED can be strapped onto a drone by GoPro mount, enabling filmmakers to position lighting wherever they want it and capture scenes not previously possible.

Despite its very small size—coming in at only a little over half a pound—there is a fresnel light built in to the small unit, and enough power from the lithium ion battery for 25 minutes of flicker-free lighting. In their demonstration film, created before release, Fiilex focused on using the light as an identifiable source (in this case a helicopter), but it will also have applications in night exterior cinematography. Of course, it would be limited to use in situations where synch sound isn't as important, but for complex action scenes without heavy dialogue, night exterior establishing shots, or background plates, this is going to be a workhorse.

AL 250 Fiilex Close-Up
Fiilex Close-Up AL250Credit: Fiilex

While the release timing lines up with the GoPro Karma, it actually seems like this light is a better fit for the 3DR Solo line of drones. The Karma is built around stabilization system which is really more intended for cameras, while the Solo line offers both a stabilized gimbal mount and the option of a GoPro hard mount built into the body. This would allow for the same camera to have both the camera and the light, or alternately using the solo as a dedicated lighting drone with one or two AL250 units, while using another drone (perhaps the Karma) for image capture. Especially with the aggressive pricing on the Solo ($499 without the gimbal, which you wouldn't need for lighting), you could put together a great aerial lighting solution for a very low cost. You can always adhesive-mount the light to the main body of the Karma or another drone, but personally I would be reluctant to fly anything held together with adhesive.

3DR Solo with AL250Credit: Fiilex

The Fiilex AL250 is available now for $349.

Tech Specs: 

  • 3.7" x 3" x 2"
  • 270 grams / .6lbs
  • Dense Matrix LED
  • Blade Cooling System (not spinning fans)
  • 38° beam angle
  • 5600K balance
  • Greater than 93 CRI
  • 5V DC input, USB charger included
  • GoPro Mount
  • 32-104° Operating temperature range

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Not exactly gonna light up the sky but cool light, pretty sure I could use it on the ground more than the sky.

September 23, 2016 at 4:02PM, Edited September 23, 4:02PM

You voted '+1'.

I hope Fillex at least puts a warning in their product packaging that it's actually against the law in the U.S. to fly drones after civil twilight without a special waiver from the FAA.

September 24, 2016 at 10:04PM

Eric Darling
Director and DP

must be quite noisy if you have to use 3 of those lights. impossible to take clean audio..

September 25, 2016 at 7:58AM

Myrdal Muda
Student Filmmaker