The way I see it, if creativity is the heart of artistry, then ideas are the blood. However if you ask David Lynch, he'll tell you that ideas are more like fish—you don't make ideas, you catch them, so creativity is more about knowing how to bait a hook in order to get a bite. He details this and the rest of his philosophy on creativity in this 2008 interview with The Atlantic, which they turned into an animated video to provide you will all kinds of inspiration.

Creativity is a complex thing and trying to have more of it can feel next to impossible. Most of us have been taught that people are born creative or that inspiration strikes you like lightening—rarely and without warning. I know that I've tried a billion things to try to be more creative, from learning all I can about the science behind it to doing weird and unusual things to get those juices flowing.

But at the end of the day, I see a lot of truth in Lynch's creative philosophy, that ideas kind of just exist somewhere in the ether and it's up to us to have the wherewithal to capture them. In other words, sitting down at your desk and trying to pull an idea out of your head will not have the same success rate as simply keeping your eyes open to the world around you. That's why doing new things, seeing new places, and meeting new people often become catalysts for your next great story.

So, maybe the perfect bait for your hook is being observant, being aware, and seeking new perspectives.

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Source: The Atlantic