Last week we came across a nifty little item called the HANGIE, a 3D-printed wall mount that lets you hang pretty much any DSLR camera to a wall. The drawback to it, though, was the price—$21 a pop for a single one, which could get really expensive if you've got a bunch of cameras to put on display.

But after being inspired by the HANGIE, Chris Wirth of 2nd Shot Cameras came up with a DIY wall mount solution that will only cost you $2. All you'll need is a 1.5″ angle bracket, two screws, and a standard 1/4″ mounting screw, which you'll use to mount your camera. The only hairy thing about Wirth's DIY wall mount is that you'll need to use a power drill to make a hole large enough to fit the mounting screw—but even that might not be as big of an issue as cost was for the HANGIE.

2_5Credit: 2nd Shot Cameras

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In the end, Wirth built 8 wall mounts, and compared the price of building 8 DIY wall mounts to the price of buying 8 HANGIES:

Total cost for eight display mounts? $12.42, which breaks down to just under $1.56 per mount. Compare this DIY option to the commercially available mount which retail at $21 to $25 per mount (that’s a minimum of $168 for eight commercial mounts).

If you have a more beefy camera, this DIY solution can work, too. Wirth explained that he was able to hang larger, heavier cameras by using a 5" bracket drilled into a stud for added support, the total cost of which was under $4.

To learn more about Wirth's DIY wall mount, head on over to his blog.

Source: 2nd Shot Cameras