Most of us store our cameras in a gear bag where it can remain cool, safe, and out of sight—which is probably what we ought to do. However, if you'd like to put your gear candy (eye candy, but with gear, follow?) right on display, the HANGIE wall mount from LaudWorks will let you do so.


The HANGIE comes in various colors in both 3D-printed bronze-infused stainless steel and white nylon plastic. Mounting one to your wall requires only two screws, and the tripod mount screw is there to secure your camera. According to LaudWorks, the HANGIE mount was tested with a 3.3lb setup, a Canon 7D and an EF-S 17-55mm lens attachment, so it can handle pretty much any DSLR on the market, as well as any collectible cameras you might want to put on display.





The HANGIE was designed with camera collectors in mind, but if you've got zero space to store your cameras or if you just like the idea and look of hanging them on your wall, you might want to see what this little thing is all about.

The metal version is a little pricey at $21, but the plastic version, ideal for small, lightweight cameras, is just $4.

HANGIE metal version

HANGIE plastic version

Source: HANGIE—Laudworks