New Zealand company Syrp is best known for its Genie line of motion control heads for timelapse, and after sharing with the world DIY Plans for a wire rig controlled by the Genie, the company has now brought the design into professional production with the Slingshot.

This should be a great addition to the toolkit of doc and action sports filmmakers.

Working under the control of a Genie or Genie mini, the Slingshot allows for shots of up to 300 feet to be accomplished by rigging the camera to a long cable system and then motoring the camera along the cables.  

While similar in concept to the famous CableCam system, with the Slingshot, you won't be able to change the tension on the cable to raise or lower height. Additionally, this platform is specifically designed for timelapse work, and it's likely that attempting to capturing moving shots from the Slingshot in real-time will result in footage that requires extensive stabilization in post.

Slingshot-mobile-appSlingshot mobile app controlCredit: Syrp

That said, the Syrp team has done a lot to make this a very attractive package, with everything you need to execute some really stunning shots available for only $2,100. Rigging appears to be simple to do for most experienced camera operators, and the whole set up is designed to pack easily in a bag for travel. There is a mobile app for remote operation of the camera that should make planning and executing the shots less difficult.

Slingshot travel bag by SyrpSlingshot travel bag by SyrpCredit: Syrp

If you are already a Genie owner, the $989 price to add cable motion to your timelapse shots is very reasonable. Even if you have to buy into the entire platform, this should be a great addition to the toolkit of doc and action sports filmmakers. Slingshot is available via the company's site. 

Tech specs

  • 330ft/100m maximum distance
  • 17.6lbs/8kg maximum payload on carriage
  • 26Nm maximum torque rating