Wooden Camera is showing off a slew of new products at IBC 2016, including Zip Box lens shades, Ultra Arm, an articulating arm for all of your mounting needs, and D-Box for RED Weapon and Scarlet.

Zip Box

Zip Box is a line of lens shades designed for the widest of lenses and sensor sizes without causing vignetting. Designed with a lightweight, rubber unibody and stainless steel components, the matte box is compact enough to make it an option for gimbal and drone use. 

The Zip Box comes two sizes: one in 4x4 and the other in 4x5.65 with versions for lenses in 80-85mm, 90-95mm, and 110-115mm. So for a 4x4 80-85mm, it holds one 4x4" 100x100mm filter and clamps to the front of lenses between 80 and 85mm in exterior lens diameter. Wooden Camera notes, you should measure based on outside lens diameter and not based on the threaded filter ring size. 

Wooden Camera Zip Box

For smaller lenses like for an E-mount or MFT camera, there are Zip Box Adapter rings in 49, 42, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, and 77mm, which adapt smaller threaded lens fronts to the Zip Box 4x4 80-85mm and the 4x5.65 80-85mm. 

Both 4x4 and 4x5.65 will cost $99 with the adapter rings going fro $29. Full kits from Wooden Camera are also available

Wooden Camera Ultra Arm

Ultra Arm

Ultra Arm is an accessory line of articulating arms with dozens of options to choose from to mount your monitor. They range from a basic 1/4-20 to 1/4-20 to one with a 3" extension to a much bigger 1/4-20 to 3/8-16 with an 8" extension. What's great is Wooden Camera gives you the opportunity to buy a kit or purchase each piece individually. The entire line is tool-less which allows for quick and easy setups. 

The kit prices range from $95 to $185 and individual components running between $30-$55. Expected ship time is in a few weeks. 

Wooden Camera D-Box


Available in V-Mount or Gold Mount versions, D-Box is for owners who want to add power distribution to the RED Weapon, Scarlet-W, or Raven. The complete D-Box assembly is a tool-less installation and uses Wooden Camera's cable-less interface, which connects directly to the camera's body, Base Expander Module, REDVolt Expander Module, and the OffHollywood O-Mods. The D-Box also gives users standardized remote start/stop and the ability to hot swap batteries.

Connectors are designed to match the Expander Modules which allows cables to be installed without fuss. The module communicates with the camera for ARRI standard start/stop trigger to used with the 3-pin Fischer port. The DC input allows for AC power supply or an external power plate connection to power accessories during battery charge. When both battery and DC are in use, it defaults to DC input to leave the battery fully charged. 

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Source: Wooden Camera