Anyone who has ever had their gear stolen knows that standing by and hoping it doesn't happen again is not an option. This is why you buy insurance, register your equipment, and get cases with combos so even if some camera crook does make off with it, they won't be able to open it. (Because f*** 'em.) But if you want to make your camera a little more secure while you're carrying it, this tutorial by Majd Khatib shows you how to make a DIY camera strap that is made out of a backpack and reinforced with some wire.

Though it takes a bit of doing, this camera strap certainly appears to do what it's supposed to: keep people from snatching your camera right off of your shoulder. Here are the materials you'll need:

  • A backpack
  • Wire
  • Straps (A quick search on Amazon for "nylon webbing" will give you a bunch of inexpensive options.)
  • Ring/eyebolt

Being the lazy person I am I thought, "Why go to all this trouble to make an "anti-theft" camera strap when you could just put your strap around your neck?" It certainly makes it more difficult to steal if you hold it that way. However, being the paranoid person I am I thought, "Well, why not make an "anti-theft" camera strap?" Not only could it give you a little peace of mind, but it safeguards against a common theft tactic: cutting the strap.

This thing is designed more for photographers and most filmmakers don't walk around shooting projects with their camera hanging from their body anyway. However, if you shoot on a DSLR, like DIY projects, and want a little added security, this might be a good, cheap solution for you.

Source: Majd Khatib