Kickstarter Live Lets You Crowdfund in Real-Time

Kickstarter’s new livestreaming capabilities add a valuable tool to your crowdfunding kit.

Creativity counts when you’re trying to rise above the crowdfunding noise and attract backers to support your film. Now, Kickstarter has added a new tool that could be very useful in that department: the ability to livestream straight from your campaign’s page.

Kickstarter Live not only enables you to broadcast with just a couple clicks, but it also allows your viewers to interact, chat and, most importantly, pledge directly from the live feed. There is also a beta feature that integrates your stream into Facebook live, so you can reach audiences in both places at once.

Kickstarter Live
A Kickstarter Live Q & A with two different hosts livestreaming simultaneously

Livestreaming seems like a natural fit for live demos from startups looking to crowdfund a new product, but we think filmmakers could benefit from it, too. Some of the strategies that immediately come to mind:

  • Showcasing behind-the-scenes of a shoot
  • Hosting a Q&A with your film’s lead actors
  • Demonstrating your perks or of the process of making them
  • Filming the development of key creative pieces, like costumes or props
  • Inviting audiences on a location scout

If you happen to be running a Kickstarter campaign now or in the very near future, jump on Kickstarter Live ASAP while there are fewer campaigns using it (therefore, you might have a greater chance of getting featured on the Kickstarter Live homepage). A word of caution, however: As with any production, make sure to test that the technology works with your internet and equipment before widely publicizing a live event to your potential supporters.

What are some other ways you can think of for fellow filmmakers to use the Kickstarter Live feature? Let us know in the comments.     

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