Film sets are crawling with potentially dangerous equipment, like hot lights, wires, and surging electricity. Misusing any of these things can lead to some pretty serious situations, which is why it's important to know how to make your set as secure as possible. In this video by Aputure, DP Blake Brown shares 7 safety tips that will make your cast, crew, and set a whole lot safer. Check it out below:

Shooting a film can get pretty crazy, especially if you're working on a bigger production. You've got tons of people running around with lots of stuff—some of them with sharp stuff, some of them with hot stuff, some of them with heavy stuff—so keeping your workspace in order is incredibly important. And keeping your set as organized as possible will not only keep your cast and crew safe, it'll help make your set more efficient, too.

Here are the 7 tips Brown mentions in the video:

  • Tech scout: Always tech scout your locations. Locate potential hazards, power sources, and escape routes in case of an emergency. If you don't know what to look for during a tech scout, this free check list will help you.
  • Locate and separate your circuits: You don't want to blow a fuse by plugging too much stuff in at once.
  • Locate breaker box: Just in case you do blow one, it's good to know where the breaker box is before all the lights go out.
  • Be fire marshall compliant: Make sure there is a safe way to exit the building if there's an emergency. So, don't block exits or doorways, and always make sure there is at least 2 feet of space along your emergency route.
  • Manage and organize cables: Pretty simple: tape down all of your cables so people don't trip on them.
  • Communicate with your crew: Whether you're rounding a corner carrying a C-stand or spot a potential hazard, it's always a good idea to communicate with your crew clearly and often.
  • Use a C-stand correctly: C-stands fly some potentially dangerous stuff, like heavy, hot lights, so learn how to use one properly so it doesn't tip or trip anyone. We have plenty of articles on how to do it here.

What are some other safety tips for working on a film set? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Aputure