Location scouting is a crucial part of the filmmaking process, but it can be a daunting task that requires you to not only have an eye like a hawk for detail, but also know the needs of your project like the back of your hand. To make things a little easier for you and your team, StudioBinder has shared a free location scouting checklist that takes the guess work out of finding the right places to shoot your film.


The checklist covers pretty much everything you'll need:

  • Story: Does the location make sense for the needs of your story?
  • Sight: Can you shoot with a wide angle lens? Are all 360-degrees of the space usable? How does the sunlight behave at different times of the day?
  • Sound: Are there any HVAC systems, refrigerators, or other appliances that make noise? Are you able to turn them off?
  • Surroundings: Are there any roads/traffic, schools, factories, train stations, or airports nearby? If so, noise might be an issue.
  • Weather: Is there a lot of rain or snow at this location? What's the temperature like?
  • Power: Is there sufficient access to outlets and breakers for all departments?
  • Facilities: Are there bathrooms? Is there access to water?
  • Contracts: Do you have all of the necessary documentation?

As you can see, a lot goes into scouting a location, and the list above only scratches the surface of what the checklist covers. Click here to download it for free; all you need to provide is your email address. If you want to learn more about location scouting, StudioBinder offers a lot of great insight and tips on their blog. I highly recommend checking it out!

Source: StudioBinder