The team over at Corridor Digital have really put the GoPro HERO Session to the test, first by shooting one mounted on a custom built arrow and now by shooting one out of an air canon. Now, that's all well and good—who doesn't like to see things shot out of other things—but they took it a step further and stabilized the footage to give you a pretty unique and interesting POV shot. Check out how they did it, as well as the result in the video below:

The team built the air canon out of PVC pipe and filled the air chamber using an air compressor. To build the specialized housing for the GoPro, they designed a 3D model that was not only aerodynamic enough to travel at speeds of up to 84mph, but could also withstand the impact of falling from over 250 feet. After 3D printing the projectile, they headed out to a field where they shot the GoPro over trees, straight up in the air, and even at each other.

Like in their previous test, they stabilized the footage in post using counter-rotation techniques, meaning they had to manually rotate the frame in the opposite direction in which the GoPro was spinning. The result is pretty impressive, but it does make you wonder what it would look like if more stabilization was added to reduce some the shakiness of the footage.

Source: Sam and Niko