If you have found yourself over the last year thinking "Oh, you know, I'd love to start using Magic Bullet for color grading, but it has always seemed a hair too expensive, maybe another time," well, now is that other time. Red Giant products never get cheaper than they will be tomorrow, Tuesday, December 6th.

Red Giant is best known for their Magic Bullet Coloring plugins and their Effects plugins, including the Universe effects designed to be easy for the widest possible set of users to implement. Magic Bullet will go from $899 to $540 tomorrow, and FX collection Trapcode will go from $999 to $600. Best of all, it's a discount that combines with other discounts. If you are a student or an educator, Red Giant already offers you 50% off, and with this combined discount, you are looking at 70% off the retail price. For instance, Trapcode 13.1, normally $999, would be $500 with the academic discount, and then $300 with the 40% off sale.

To qualify for academic pricing, however, you need to set up your academic account, and that can take 24 hours, so if you are a student or teacher be sure to email in your credentials today so that you are in a good place to purchase tomorrow.

Screen_shot_2016-12-05_at_8PluraleyesCredit: Red Giant

In addition to the heavy hitters Magic Bullet, Universe and Trapcode, Red Giant also has Pluraleyes in their stable. Pluraleyes was the first major audio waveform sync tool, and while others have brought in versions of the tool, Pluraleyes remains the best tool around for syncing without worrying about slates or timecode. It's normally $299, bringing it down to $180 during the sale. Pluraleyes is also available as part of the shooter kit with tools for footage downloading on set, upconversion to 4K, and de-interlacing and reverse telecine.

While the best prices are available if you purchase a full package, you can buy individual tools separately. For instance, if you already do your color grading in Resolve and don't need all the Magic Bullet tools, but you want the power of  Magic Bullet Denoiser, you can buy that tool separately for $199, which will go to down $120 tomorrow only (or $60 with academic discount).

Starglow_hero-540Credit: Red Giant

Magic Bullet's creative director, Stu Maschwitz, is a filmmaker in his own right and maintains a blog with a ton of helpful info on how to get started using Magic Bullet, but also on countless other fascinating topics. Check it out at ProLost.

For details on the sale, head over to Red Giant.