Whether you're in need of a more versatile wrench or are just super into kitschy stuff like camera lens travel mugs, you'll get a kick out of this interesting and unique tool. Created by industrial designer and photography enthusiast Jordan Steranka, the Aperture Wrench is, you guessed it, a wrench inspired by the aperture of a camera.


The main problem the Aperture Wrench aims to solve is having to search for the right size wrench for different sized nuts, and what the aperture mechanism does is essentially gives users a one-size-fits-all wrench. With a simple turn of the dial, you can open or close the aperture until it reaches whichever size you need, and then you simply lock it in place.


But the aperture design isn't the only part of the Aperture Wrench that was inspired by photography. It also has a built-in light that looks an awful lot like a ring light. It's a nice little feature that gives you the ability to see what you're doing when you're working in dark places.

Here's an illustration of all of the Aperture Wrench's components:


If you're thinking this would make the perfect Christmas present for one of the filmmaking handymen/women you know, not so fast. The Aperture Wrench is currently only in its conceptualization phase, but we'll let you know if and when it ever hits the market. Until then, check out Steranka's write up on Behance to learn more about it.

Source: Behance