If you want to learn the basics of DSLR photography from an Ivy League university, Harvard's DSLR photography coursework is being offered through ALISON as a free online course. It covers everything you'd traditionally learn in an entry level 101 photography class, like exposure, cameras, lenses, and color, but instead of having to go through a beefy textbook, you get to watch videos and other class materials. And even though the course is technically about photography, there are a bunch of important concepts that transfer well over to cinematography, too.

The course is made up of 12 modules:

  1. Introduction to Digital Photography
  2. Introduction to Software
  3. Introduction to Light
  4. Introduction to Exposure-Part 1
  5. Introduction to Exposure-Part 2
  6. Introduction to Optics
  7. Introduction to Histograms
  8. Introduction to Software Tools
  9. Introduction to Digital Cameras-Part 1
  10. Introduction to Digital Cameras-Part 2
  11. Introduction to Color
  12. Introduction to Artifacts

The ALISON course is based off of a digital photography class at Harvard Extension School, so Harvard itself isn't directly affiliated with the online course (you can't get Harvard credit or anything). However, ALISON does offer a diploma/certificate/PDF for those who pass the class with at least an 80%. Word of caution, though, ALISON is not an accredited school, so having a piece of paper that says you passed their class isn't going to do you much good.

You can check out the course here, which takes about 10 to 15 hours to complete. And you can do it for free in your office while eating mac-n-cheese in your pajamas. Not quite the Harvard experience but still...not bad!

Source: ALISON