Browsing Netflix can be a time-consuming process, rife with decision-making paralysis and discord. By the time you choose a movie to watch, you could have already been halfway through it. Wouldn't it be great to just skip that step altogether? 

Engineers at Netflix have the answer: Mindflix, a sensor headband prototype based on the Muse, which reads brainwaves for the purposes of meditation. Wearing the headband, viewers can browse Netflix without a remote control and select a movie or show just by thinking about what they want to watch. 

Of course, Mindflix can't actually read your mind; instead, it detects activity in the frontal lobe, the decision-making epicenter of the brain. At this point, it's unclear how, exactly, the device translates activity levels into commands. But according to the video above, Netflix's engineers, who developed Mindflix for the company's annual Hack Day, were able to successfully use the device.

Unfortunately for the lazy among us, there's no information available regarding potential R&D for a market release.