You've done it! You've finally done it! You've graduated from having to haul around your film gear in the back of your 1989 Corolla to hauling it around in a big, fancy grip truck. But before you toss it all in there willy nilly, understand that there is kind of an art to loading one of these beasts. But don't worry, this video by RocketJump Film School shows you how to not only load a grip truck like a pro, but how to come correct to a rental house. Check it out below:

Here are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with a rental house and then subsequently filling a grip truck with their very expensive property.

  • Before you leave the rental house, do a final count to make make sure you have all of the gear you rented.
  • Keep the truck tidy so gear is accessible.
  • Store ladders, frames, etc. in overhead storage (if you have it). 
  • Tie everything down!
  • Make sure your carts are organized.
  • Store carts with the opening facing you so you can access what you need easily.
  • Ratchet your carts and put on the brakes.
  • Communicate clearly (and loudly) when using the lift gate on the truck.

So, there it is! This is good information to have even if you don't have plans on renting gear/truck, because who knows when you'll need it once that sweet grip gig will come along?

Source: RocketJump Film School