Streaming video is an increasingly large part of the video marketplace, but for many filmmakers, it's a frustrating one. While there are solutions like Switcher Studio that allow you to add more cameras to create a better-edited streaming experience, you're still stuck largely using the built-in phone or computer camera. For filmmakers used to a high level of control when crafting their images, this is not ideal.

The new Blackmagic Web Presenter aims to facilitate an easier connection between pro-level gear and streaming.

It's a small black box, 1/3 of a rack width wide—the same form factor as the new Teranex Mini. It has both SDI and HDMI inputs, allowing for a direct connection with a wide variety of camera formats or other sources, like video game systems or a second laptop for queuing up clips. If you purchase the additional Teranex Mini Smart Panel, you can even switch between sources.

Hero-xlBlackmagic Web Presenter in ActionCredit: Blackmagic

The system can accept up to UHD 3820x2160p, which gets down-converted to 720p to make it easier to stream over the web. Once downsized and encoded, Web Presenter shows up like any other web cam in your OS inputs; it works with YouTube, Facebook Live, Skype, and many more platforms.

Connecting via USB, it works without drivers natively in Windows, Mac, and Linux. It also auto-detects low internet bandwidth and can automatically lower the framerate level as low as 720p-5fps in order to maintain image quality.

The Blackmagic Web Presenter additionally features XLR and stereo RCA inputs for audio, allowing filmmakers to use better quality microphones, live, married to the picture.

3-blackmagic-web-presenter-back_0Blackmagic Smart Panel Rear InputsCredit: Blackmagic

Skype meetings have becoming increasingly common in the film industry, especially during the hiring process. When pitching for a cinematography gig, it's frustraating to look down at your beautiful 5D package, sitting in its case, while Skyping on a low-res camera with terrible resolution and no manual controls. Many cinematographers have specific, dedicated Skype setups in their homes to ensure they can at least properly light an image. Now, Web Presenter should allow them to use a better quality, manual control camera to further the process of making every image as stunning as possible.

Bmd-web-presenter-hero_0Blackmagic Web Presenter without the Teranex Mini Smart PanelCredit: Blackmagic

The Blackmagic Web Presenter is available now for $470 from B&H.

Tech specs:

  • SDI, HDMI, XLR and Stereo RCA inputs
  • SDI loop out
  • 720p out over USB
  • Up to 2160p input
  • Teranex technology for clean downconvert
  • USB connects
  • No drivers needed for Windows, Mac or Linux