The new lightweight Redrock Torque Motor bundles for the Freefly MoVI Pro are now one of the most affordable ways for gimbal operators to add remote focus, iris, and/or zoom control. 

The motors are plug-and-play—there is no additional setup necessary. They plug directly into the MoVI Pro with Freefly-supplied motor cables and work with any properly geared lens. 

Director/Cinematographer Ty Evans Using Redrock Torque on MoVIExtreme sports Director/Cinematographer Ty Evans Using Redrock Torque motors on MoVI

The motors share the same design DNA as the MoVI Pro, with a relentless focus on light-weight and ultra-compact design for longer run times and easier handling.

Redrock is introducing two bundles: a 1-Motor kit for focus and a 3-Motor kit for focus, iris, and zoom. They are available now from Redrock Micro's website for $695 per motor.