February 1, 2017

Meet Torque, Affordable Lens and Motor Control Bundles for MoVI Pro

Torque Bundles for MoVI Pro from Redrock Micro
Redrock Micro's Torque motors are designed with ease in mind and now play nice with the MoVI system.

The new lightweight Redrock Torque Motor bundles for the Freefly MoVI Pro are now one of the most affordable ways for gimbal operators to add remote focus, iris, and/or zoom control. 

The motors are plug-and-play—there is no additional setup necessary. They plug directly into the MoVI Pro with Freefly-supplied motor cables and work with any properly geared lens. 

Director/Cinematographer Ty Evans Using Redrock Torque on MoVI
Extreme sports Director/Cinematographer Ty Evans Using Redrock Torque motors on MoVI

The motors share the same design DNA as the MoVI Pro, with a relentless focus on light-weight and ultra-compact design for longer run times and easier handling.

Redrock is introducing two bundles: a 1-Motor kit for focus and a 3-Motor kit for focus, iris, and zoom. They are available now from Redrock Micro's website for $695 per motor.      

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I ask you sorry, I'll go off topic as hell because my sense of frustration of those days. I own the old canon 7D thas has not bult in autofocus and I have absolutely no money for a new camera. I also invested in 7D making it good for raw video (I bought vaf filter) and a new 128gb fast compact flash.
I need to buy a gimbal to increase my chance to find jobs but gimbal without an autofocus camera is a very bad idea because manual focus people say it'is impossible.
So I need to buy a wireless follow focus if I want to use my camera with a gimbal. The problem is that a remote follow focus have very very high prices so I will not buy it and neither the gimbal (because I'm basically poor and I can't afford it despite I struggle with investment and austerity).
So I beg gimbal producers to make an affordable kit (gimbal included remote follow focus) at max 800 euro all included. If someone who can make this exist please knock once.

February 1, 2017 at 5:48PM, Edited February 1, 5:50PM


Hey Dan, I know your frustrations! I have actually been doing Glidecam/gimbal work nearing 10 years now, and I have never been fortunate enough for wireless focusing. I have been operating in the depth of field at hand during each take - keeping distance from the subject - each shot: focus then roll. I wouldn't let the lack of auto focus or wireless focus deter you from investing in a gimbal system. Maybe you could rent one to test. Best of luck!

February 1, 2017 at 6:17PM

Chris Niswonger

Rent. Include the rental price in your quote. The client will get what they pay for. Always a good way to start, especially with new equipment.

February 1, 2017 at 9:06PM

Steven Bailey

Pdmovie might be within your price range for a wired motor and controller. No idea of reliability as I haven't used them.

February 1, 2017 at 11:48PM

Jonathon Sendall

When I'll get a gimbal, I'll definitely try to DIY this:




For a one man operator/focus puller you really don't need a wireless solution, so this could do. I've used these motors and controllers for making a motorised slider and I'm pretty sure it would work for a follow focus as well. The controller has two modes - one when by turning the wheel you set the speed of motor (turn the wheel further - motor speeds up) and the other one, which would be useful for focusing - the motor responds as you turn the wheel. Like if you turn the wheel 45 degrees, motor turns the same. So if you're really on a budget, you can give this a go.

February 2, 2017 at 3:42AM, Edited February 2, 3:43AM

Cameraguy, editor

Prices for these motors (all) are ridiculous high. Take the best powerfull model airplane servo and it cost a fraction. Brushless coreless motors.. high precision and power.. these companies are inventing prices and they tell us "it's cheap!!"

February 2, 2017 at 4:19PM

Roberto Mettifogo
Behind Cameras.

There is something called Cost of Doing Business.
A product is not only the price of the parts, but also research, design, labour, marketing, interest on loans, rent/mortgage of the location, energiebills, etcetera.
Having said that: yes, there are expensive. Most low volume niche products are. They can usually ask what they want when there is no serious competion.
I'm looking forward to your cheap alternative :-)

February 3, 2017 at 7:33PM

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