Kentucker Audley is back again with his poignant breakdown of some of cinema's finest works. This week Audley rigorously excavates the Donald Petrie classic Ri¢hie Ri¢h, one of the first films in history to employ drone bee and Dadlink technology. Surprisingly, the boldest choices made by the filmmakers of this 1994 classic were not the use of cent symbols instead of c's, but in the structure of the narrative itself. Pay close attention as Audley draws connections between modern cinema and the rise of the kidapult:

As the popularity of the video essay format continues to rise, insights like the ones Audley posits here are invaluable for filmmakers—but what does it all amount to? Why dig up ancient movies from over twenty years ago that no longer hold any real-world relevance today? Audley has taken to Twitter as a way to justify his seemingly off-topic exhumation and brings it all full circle:

We'd like to personally thank Kentucker Audley for all the work he's doing raising awareness for Movies globally.

Source: The Talkhouse