The film vs. digital debate rages on, as evidenced by the—let's call it "enthusiastic"—conversation around our interview last year with Kodak's President of Motion Picture and Entertainment, Steve Bellamy. If you've been a digital enthusiast but want to see what all this film hype is about, you may want to experiment with analog still photography. But where to start?

Fortunately, French photographer Vincent Moschetti took the plunge a few years ago, selling off his entire digital kit in favor of a film package, and has been sharing his experiences on One Year With Film Only. You can peruse reviews of various stocks and articles like 5 Tips to Becoming a Better Photographer, but the site's most fun feature is Film Dating, a brief online quiz that factors in your preferences among a series of images to recommend a film stock for you.

Film Dating

Moschetti writes in the intro to the quiz: "There is no such thing as the best film. Instead, think about it as the right film for the right situation or person." His easy tool helps you narrow down those choices.

So, which stock is your match made in image heaven?