If the plethora of Pinterest photography fails have taught us anything, it's that people severely overestimated the capabilities of camera equipment all the time, and for filmmakers, this can become a major issue when a client or director asks for something that you simply can't do with the gear you have. In this video from The Camera Store TV, which is half hilarious, half informative, we get to witness just how frustrating these kinds of situations are through an exchange between a director and a DP about the vastly different capabilities of photo and cinema lenses. 

Even though this video is definitely worth a good laugh, and is also a bit of an advertisement for the Fujinon MK 18-55 T2.9 lens, it also provides a lot of great insight into the differences between photo and cinema lenses, other than the vast price disparity. Director Chris Niccolls and DP Jordan Drake note the many advantages to using cinema lenses when it comes to focus, focal length, and exposure, including how they minimize focal breathing, their parfocal capabilities, and the use of T-stops instead of F-stops.

If anything, this video provides a good explanation as to why cinema lenses are so damn expensive—and does so in hilarious fashion.

Source: The Camera Store TV