We all agree, slow motion looks awesome, but it's not as simple as raising your frame rate and hitting record. There is certainly some effort and know-how that goes into making a slow motion video a work of art, and Simon Cade of DSLRguide has uploaded a video that gives you some tips on how to do that. Check it out below.

Cade highlights several issues you need to address when shooting slow motion, namely lighting. Because high speed cinematography requires you to record more frames, you'll have to shoot at a faster shutter speed. This means there will be less light hitting your sensor, so you'll need to add plenty of other light sources to compensate.

One of my favorite things Cade brings up is how to approach sound design for slow motion sequences, especially because it's something that many young filmmakers, or even the ol' pros, may not quite know how to do. He recommends watching these kinds of sequences in films that do them well, like 300Inception, or Raging Bull.

Do you have some tips for shooting slow motion? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: DSLRguide