Lens filters, like ND filters, polarizers, or Black Pro-Mist, can be really expensive, so if you want to get your hands on a few that create interesting lens effects, you might want to go the DIY route to save a little cash. Luckily, there are many ways to not only make your own filters from inexpensive or free household items, but to also customize them to get the exact look you want. In this video, the team over at Film Riot share 4 dirt cheap DIY lens filters that will give your shots a unique look. Check it out below:

Host Ryan Connolly talks about 4 ways that you can add cool effects to your shots:

  • Put colored gels in front of your lens
  • Put Vaseline on your lens
  • Draw on your lens with a highlighter
  • Cut out a custom bokeh filter

There are some serious benefits to using these techniques. For one, the materials are either free or cheap to purchase. Most of us have Vaseline and and highlighters lying around, but if not, grab a fin and go to the nearest discount store and get you some.

Secondly, you can easily customize the effect you want to create. You can literally draw or—I guess slather—the look you want, wipe off the lens, and do it all over again. Of course, you really shouldn't do all of this drawing and slathering on your actual lens, so get your hands on an inexpensive UV lens filter so it, not your lens, can take all of your artistic punishment.

Film Riot has some other great DIY lens filter ideas that you should definitely check out, like using different materials to replicate the look of a $100 Tiffen Black Pro-Mist filter. And if you've got any, feel free to share them down in the comments.

Source: Film Riot