Apture's new 300w COB 300D LED is the company's biggest light yet. Even at its large size, however, the light retains its portability.

The 300D is a single-source LED, so it casts one hard shadow. What makes the light unique is a magenta glass filter that provides a little magenta color. This innovation boosts the TLCI rating from a 95 to an impressive 98. The LED can run on two 30-watt batteries for up to an hour and a half.

Something that also stands out with Aputure is its remote control functionality. Thankfully, you can use the same remote you bought four years ago on the new 300D. The user can pair up to 50 lights to every channel or group, giving you a lot to work with if you can't afford a DMX device.

Along with the 300D, Aputure showed us a new light modifier. The Mini Dome is a parabolic softbox 24 inches across, with a grid that acts similarly to a beauty dish. The fabric of the Dome is made from the same fabric the military uses to make parachutes; it's tough and durable, while still being color accurate.

The Mini Dome will have a price point of under $100.

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