Wrangling a video collaboration with a team can feel like a never-ending process of emailing links and waiting for typed feedback. Frame.io has aimed to solve that since launch, with a central repository for project materials that allows for diverse teams of creative to manage a workflow in one space. With today's release of the 2.0 revision, this now gets even easier as links can be sent to clients without the need for them to log in to the platform.

While logging into the platform is easy and can be done through your Gmail account, sometimes you run up against a client who is just not particularly tech savvy, or reluctant to create yet another login. With this release, the full set of review tools, including timecode-based notes and approval status, is available to reviewers without a login, making the process of getting feedback easier than ever before.

Review pages also let you know that a project has been viewed, so you can follow up to see what someone thought about the edit. Of course, the entire workflow is designed to make the process of giving feedback as easy and painless as possible, so that clients and teammates can give their thoughts without delay, saving filmmakers the need to pester for notes.

PlayerCredit: frame.io

This release isn't just about outside collaborators, though. It also has a host of upgrades for how to deal with the feedback once it has been received. Building on the innovative Premiere and After Effects integration already in place, there are now improved integration tools for both FCP-X and Avid Media Composer. When you get a set of notes from your client, they can now be imported and appear as markers in the timeline, making it even easier to walk through them one at a time, highlighted next to the footage they address, and knock out whatever changes are needed.

There is also a new labelling system for shots of "approved," "needs review" and "in progress" to help everyone know what is happening with an asset and what their next steps should be.

Player_labelsCredit: frame.io

Finally, there is a new toolset for publishing to Vimeo when the project is finished, which happens nearly instantaneously due to the server-to-server nature of the upload. This means that, rather that waiting to again upload a multi-gigabyte file to another service, Frame.io plugs directly into Vimeo and moves the file over at the click of a button, saving time and bandwidth.

As with previous releases, all of the functionality of the platform is available not only on the web but also in the award-winning Frame.io app.  If you are working on film and video projects with teams, whether it's in the office or across the globe, frame.io is a tool to explore.