April 26, 2017
NAB 2017

Frame.io Add New Features For Easier Client Review


Frame.io keep making collaboration in the online space easier and easier.

Collaboration just got a little bit easier with Frame.io's new 2.0 update. Their biggest update yet, with over 100 new features and improvements, 2.0 allows centers around seamless collaboration between you and your crew or client.

The most common feedback from the previous version was that it's too hard for clients not on Frame.io's program to enter feedback. Well, not anymore. Frame.io focused on creating a way that clients can review the data without a login or profile. Now clients can use all the collaboration tools without a username and password. 

Another big update is their new review page. This allows the user to look at the content uploaded, and approve, make list comments for changes, or disapprove altogether.  When content is done being reviewed and approved, the Frame.io 2.0 upgrade can upload your footage straight to Vimeo. The new update actually makes it faster to upload to Vimeo than if you tried uploading directly from the site itself!

The upgrade is up and available now. 

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Try scrubbing in Frame.io on an iPad. Can't do it. Can't full screen it either. Couldn't do these things on Firefox, Chrome or Safari even after requesting desktop version. Loads of new things in Frame.io but come on, simple things like that need fixing.

April 26, 2017 at 3:12PM

Jonathon Sendall

I signed up for Frame IO and really liked it. Then I uploaded my first edit, ~30min of a feature I'm editing and went over the free limit. No problem, I thought. I'll just upgrade, I don't mind paying for a good product. Then I saw the prices.... They want to rent you 50GB a month of storage for $25. I mean, their product is nice and all but you can accomplish the same thing with Vimeo and email for basically free (depending on if you have a Vimeo plus account). To make it useful, I would have to really spend about $75 a month, well over the cost of renting the entire Adobe Suite. In a world of 4tb/$100 hard drives, renting 50GB for $25 a month is ridiculous. Hell, even Dropbox charges $10/month for 1TB. Get it together Frame IO.

May 1, 2017 at 5:15PM

Christopher Smith

The pricing is the main reason that I switch to VIVUE.io which is totally free for now, although its' not that powerful as Frame.io, but I can live with it.

November 7, 2017 at 2:54AM


I think this is a wonderful idea they have incorporated into the website. This makes it easier for the clients to give the feedback and make changes to the work according to their needs. This will save time and money.
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Alex Paul

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