LitePanels Astra 6X is Six Times Brighter than Original 1x1 LED Panel

LitePanels just got even brighter and more efficient.

The original 1x1 LED panel from LitePanels was one of the first to really make a big splash for film and television, and the company has been improving on it (alongside the rest of the industry) ever since. This year at NAB, LitePanels is showing off its new LEDs from the Astra and Sola family, offering up more brightness for less power draw.

Very roughly estimated, the light equivalent is now closer to a 1K tungsten equivalent. The best part is that despite drastic improvements (the light is 50% brighter than last year's Astra), the price of the units haven't changed. The Sola 6+ is the newest also-improved-upon fixture in the family of daylight balanced LED fresnels.

  • Astra 6X: 105w power draw (traded for a 50% increase in light output)
  • Astra 3X: 55w power draw (traded for a 50% increase in light output)
  • Sola 6+: 50w power draw (traded for a 120% increase in light output)

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