We don't use the term "game changer" very often, but after catching a glimpse of this new offering from RØDE it seems absolutely necessary. For decades, RØDE has provided excellent and affordable audio solutions for independent filmmakers, including their line of NTG condensers and their budget-friendly VideoMic series, but this new condenser microphone not only follows in that tradition, but it blazes its own revolutionary path at the same time. Meet the FoodMic Pro.

The FoodMic Pro comes packed with revolutionary, game changing features that will revolutionize game changing as we know it. It has a ceramic element, Internal Plate-Valve Technology, infinitely variable gastronomic pick-up patters, and a high-fiber-pass filter. It also comes with a RØDELink TX-XLR for remote plating, as well as a non-stick Jus-Resistant coating. Now, can you think of any other microphone in the world that even comes close to that?


For all of you who thinking, "Yeah, cool. April Fools', whatever," not so fast. This is no joke. A lot of time and energy and passion and energy and passion and time went into making the FoodMic Pro a reality—just ask RØDE Head of R&D Nigel WIlburtsonsson:

It was in part inspired by my good mate and food vlogging sensation Johnny Choo (The Camera Eats First). His incredible film vlogs of food lacked the kind of high fidelity only RØDE mics can provide: sound.

It seems as though RØDE has yet again pushed audio recording to another level—a super high level—like—a level so high that you have to get your big brother to beat it for you because the boss is super hard and you're frustrated and broke a controller already and you just know your mom is going to freak out because she just told you to "have respect for our belongings" yesterday, but you're just a ball of adolescent rage, so you didn't really think about the complex responsibilities of ownership when you were getting bombarded by King Pete's magical ring powers in Disney's Magical Quest for SNES—and it seems as though they will continue to keep on pushing on.

Magical_quest'Disney's Magical Quest'

In a press release, RØDE CEO Damien Wilson said:

When the ADAT was released in the early 1990s, RØDE was there with the NT1. When DSLR filmmaking became a reality in 2008, we were there with the VideoMic. And now, as food appreciation and the internet combine to make us all tastemasters, RØDE is there with the FoodMic Pro. As Johnny and Nigel say, welcome to the sound of deliciousnessness."

So, yay! The FoodMic Pro is surely a welcomed addition to your audio arsenal. No word yet on price, but a source tells me it will retail for around $20,000 worth of Red Lobster gift cards.

Source: RØDE