LED lights have come a long way in the film industry. What were once inconsistent and unreliable light sources evolved into some of the most affordable, convenient, and efficient lighting tools on the market, especially when it comes to independent filmmaking. In this video from Cooke Optics TV, cinematographer Geoff Boyle discusses his own experience being introduced to LED lights, how they changed throughout the years, as well as the many issues they solve for DPs. 

One of the most interesting things Boyle talks about in the video is the parallel between film and digital and LEDs and other light sources. In the same way that digital went through its awkward teenager phase as an alternative to film cameras, LEDs too have gone, and are still going through theirs.

And their tech is only getting better. Their colors are becoming more accurate. Their battery life is getting longer. Their ability to be placed anywhere and everywhere is getting insane. Perhaps the future of lighting is paving the way for even wider LED adoption—complete and utter LED domination, save for the holdouts who love the classic vintage look of a good tungsten bulb.

Source: Cooke Optics TV