Making progress on our films can feel insurmountable at times, especially if we're full-time gaffers or parents or desk-jockeys. Sometimes, all we need is a little bit of clutter-free headspace and physical space to get leaps and bounds ahead on our projects.

In the fine art world, a common way to find such a luxury is through residencies—short-term, subsidized stays in often beautiful locations with other artists that are set up expressly for the making of creative work. Although admittance to these residencies is competitive, the applications are usually less demanding than those for grants, so it’s a wonder more filmmakers don’t test the waters. 

Res Artis, the Worldwide Network of Artist Residencies, has an extensive database in which you can search for opportunities that suit your project and schedule. Here are a few fall residencies with upcoming deadlines:

Cafe Tissardmine

Rissani, Morocco

MorroccoRissani, MoroccoCredit: Cafe Tissardmine

Dates: 9/14 - 10/11/2017
Description: This month-long residency in a traditional Berber village on the edge of a sand dune will certainly provide a gorgeous and quiet oasis for working, but note that it is run on solar power so you’ll want to save your screenplay early and often. The best part is that they do not require a finished project upon completion of the program, so you can use your time exactly as you wish.
Cost: 850 euros includes all meals, individual room and bathroom, and shared use of a studio. 
Application deadline: 5/15/2017

Örö Residency Programme

Örö, Finland

\u00d6r\u00f6 Residency ProgrammeÖrö, FInlandCredit: Örö Residency Programme

Dates: One-month residency periods, available from 8/2017 - 5/2018
Description: If your project is experimental, interdisciplinary, or an art-science collaboration, this month-long residency on a picturesque Finnish island might be a good fit. Unlike some residencies, Örö encourages you to bring partners or collaborators, with apartments that accommodate 1-4 adults or a small family comfortably.
Cost: Free accommodations (apartment/studio space), does not include food or travel
Application deadline: 5/19/2017

Terra Vivente Art Studio

San Potito Sannitico, Italy

San Potito Sannitico, ItalySan Potito Sannitico, ItalyCredit: Terre Viventi

Dates: 8/1 - 8/31/2017
Description: This month-long residency in a small village in Southern Italy takes advantage of the many summer art, food, and film festivals in the region to get residents engaged with the local community and with each other. The program invites four international artists and arranges a group show for their work at the end of the month. 
Cost: 850 euros includes accommodation, studio space, and group exhibition costs, plus transportation to and from the train station. 
Application deadline: 5/20/2017

Featured image: Sunset in Morocco from Flickr user Julien Sanine.