If you happen to be the owner of a Nitrotech N8, don't worry. In a recent press release, Manfrotto explained that operating a Nitrotech head according to product instructions is perfectly functional and safe. However, during the review of a pre-production Nitro N8 Fluid Video Head by a leading industry magazine, Manfrotto apparently identified an opportunity to further improve the Counter Balance System (“CBS”) when operated under excessively demanding conditions. Failing to go into the specifics, Manfrotto stated that the company is performing a "slight revision" to the CBS system to avoid the possibility of product breakage resulting from misuse. The company also claims that this is all precautionary; it has not been informed of any product failures by any users. 

Manfrotto NitrotechCredit: Manfrotto

Marco Pezzana, CEO of Manfrotto commented:
"Manfrotto products are manufactured to the highest standards and rigorously tested, and we are committed to ensuring that the product performs perfectly every time and in every situation. While none of our tests have ever indicated an issue and while we have not been informed of any failures by any users, we have decided, as quality and customer service are top priorities for us, to voluntarily replace all Nitrotech video heads shipped to date, implement a slight revision to the CBS system, and provide a replacement to those affected customers."

Customers receiving replacement Nitrotech video heads will also receive a complimentary Spectra LED light to further enhance their video-making experience. Nitrotech replacement heads are expected to be available the second half of July 2017.

If you purchased a Nitrotech video head you are invited to contact Manfrotto at:

Nitrotech.replacement@manfrotto.com or to call the Customer Service department.

Relevant contact numbers can be easily found by visiting the “Contact us” section of the Manfrotto website: www.manfrotto.com.