Everyone is familiar with the glitz and glamor that is the Sundance Film Festival: parties, exclusive screenings, swag bags, and celebrities. But filmmaker John Wilson (AKA John's Movies) has taken it upon himself to shine a light on the darker, seamier side of Park City in his short documentary, Escape from Park City

Warning: it's about to get real. 

Wilson is a self-described "struggling" documentarian who's never been able to make it into Sundance. Obviously, he was the perfect choice for Vimeo when the company sought a Staff-Picked filmmaker to brave the cold and crowds of Park City to document the 2017 schmooze and movie-fest that is Sundance. Vimeo sent the filmmaker, known for his tongue-in-cheek "how to" videos, to the internationally renowned festival with little more than a hat and a $100 camera to shoot SD footage "that doesn’t even look very good on our media player."

The results are a welcome contrast to the glitzy coverage of the festival, with the filmmaker "sardonically document[ing] the ins and outs of Sundance in his signature lo-fi style with biting and wickedly dry commentary." 

Check it out, and prepare to be simultaneously horrified (and edified, and also entertained) by what the intrepid documentarian/muckraker/satirist uncovers at the world-famous Utah film festival, where the streets are paved with snow, broken dreams, and, yes, movies.