Chapman/Leonard manufactures and rents studio equipment for large movie and TV productions. Known for cranes, dollies, and stabilizing systems for big cinema cameras, the company has expanded its offerings to accommodate some of the increasingly common smaller cameras, like the ALEXA Mini. 

One of Chapman/Leonard's newer products is the Miniscope7, a relatively small crane that can be used with a remote head weighing up to 150 lbs. and can be operated by a single person for certain moves. At full height with the camera overslung, the unit reaches 17' 10", and its widest horizontal extension is 11' 4". The Miniscope7 is a telescopic jib, meaning that the length can change dynamically while you are shooting.

In this new video for Cinematography Database, Matt Workman tests out the jib with Chapman's CL Mini remote head and walks us through some common telescopic crane moves, like tracking shots and "diving board" shots, with the setup.

Have you used a telescopic jib? We'd love to hear your tips in the comments.