Among the many features that had users excited about the announcement of the EVA1, external 5.7K raw recording was high on the list. However, that external recording function would require third party vendor support, and that support can sometimes come on unpredictable timetables. With the EVA 1, Atomos has already announced full support for raw recording over the 6G SDI signal coming out of the Panasonic with the Shogun Inferno.

Panasonic_eva1Credit: Panasonic

That raw signal can be recorded at to ProRes or DNxHR, and will support recording raw in CinemaDNG format once Panasonic adds the feature via a firmware update. For slow motion, up to 240fps 2K will also be able to record from the raw into ProRes with the Inferno. The whole Atomos line has a host of HDR preview tools that will work with the wide gamut capture of the EVA1 as well to help with evaluating images for SDR and HDR release.

Shogun_inferno_menuCredit: Atomos

Raw formats tend to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and take time for third parties to implement, but the especially odd element here is the 5.7K resolution, which doesn't fit into any of the common standards. Atomos developing support for the format and preparing to roll them out as Panasonic rolls out the firmware, is a big bonus and takes some of the mystery out of the workflow many will be using for the new camera.

The Shogun Inferno recently had a price cut and is currently $1295 from B&H.