With its latest firmware upgrade, Atomos is now enabling 4K raw recording at 120fps from the Sony FS700 and FS5 cameras on the Shogun Inferno. While both of those cameras only shoot such high frame rates in bursts, the approximately 3 second burst equates to around 15 seconds of footage after being slowed down 5 times in post to 24fps, which should be plenty of time for most slow motion shots.

Combined with the added resolution of 4K and the color fidelity and post flexibility of raw, this is an exciting upgrade. Working with burst mode is actually quite common with slow motion work, as seen with the process for working with the Phantom, though obviously that camera offers much higher frame rates.

Quad_link_sdiQuad link SDI connectorsCredit: Atomos

This feature was already available with the Convergent Design 7Q+, but that monitor/recorder is $1799 and costs another $500 to add RAW, whereas the Shogun Inferno comes in at $1295 including full RAW recording. This firmware also upgrades quad link connectivity and dual link connectivity for a variety of cameras that might not give the full 4K RAW single over single like SDI, and comes with a secure erase feature for your SSD. Secure erase ensures that media is entirely erased from the drive and cannot be recovered in any way from the media, which will be especially helpful in rental situations to ensure that the next person to rent your Shogun won't be able to access your shots.

Available now for download from Atomos.

Quad link-capable cameras:

  • Canon C700
  • Panasonic Varicam 35
  • RED DCSM1 with REDCast Module - Epic & Scarlet Dragon (Mysterium X not supported) 
  • Sony PMW-F55

Dual link-capable cameras:

  • Canon C500 2Kp60
  • Panasonic Varicam LT - 10bit Dual Link RAW

Secure Erase media:

  • Sandisk Extreme Pro
  • Atomos branded Gtech media
  • Atomos branded Angelbird media