June 2, 2017

Watch: Introducing the World's Greatest Costume Designer

This is perhaps the most impressive filmography we've ever seen.

Milena Canonero is the most dynamic costume designer in the history of film. "It's not the costume itself I like to do," she once admitted, "it's more about the meaning I give to the masterpiece." When she says masterpiece, she means masterpiece. Just take a quick glance at her resume.

Canonero has taken on the role for everyone from Kubrick to Sofia Coppola to Wes Anderson. And we're not talking their low-key productions either. She has been a part of these directors' most seminal works, including A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon, The Shining, Marie Antoinette, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The Darjeeling Limited, and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Take a look at some of her most iconic work in the Fandor video below:

Aside from the sheer aesthetic beauty that her costumes provide, her greatest attribute as a designer is her ability to reveal details about a character through their appearance. Indeed, Canonero's designs weave character development into the costumes. As the essay points out, the color, pattern, and texture of her costumes resonate with the internal, emotional journeys of a film's character in their given scene.      

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