Androids dream not of electric sheep, but of human loss and longing, according to a new music video Radiohead dropped yesterday for an unreleased OK Computer track. The melancholy video for the song "I Promise" features a humanlike android staring out the window of a bus as the world and its alienated humans pass him by. At the end of the video, the android is revealed to have complex emotions. Judging from a flashback and the lyrics—"I won't run away no more / I promise / Even when the ship is wrecked / I promise"—he feels overwhelming regret for a past lover.

Polish director and cinematographer Michal Marczak directed and shot the video, incorporating his signature color palette, which makes the video look as if it were lit exclusively with the nostalgic yellow of streetlights. In his Sundance debut All These Sleepless Nights, Marczak, who often shoots his own work, demonstrated a unique dexterity in his camerawork. As he does in the video for "I Promise," Marczak often films at night and with complex motion sequences. Marczak also shot the otherworldly music video for Mark Pritchard's "Beautiful People," starring a disembodied Thom Yorke.

When we spoke to Marczak about the DIY gimbal backpack rig he built for All These Sleepless Nights, he told us, "It's about pushing the technology you have. We pushed that camera to its fucking maximum, and with the combination of software, color grading, and effects, we were able to push it even a step further."

The music video was released to commemorate OK Computer's 20th anniversary this June.