Just like the rest of the world, we can't get enough of Game of Thrones. We've watched every episode (maybe even more than once), read all the theories, poured over the inside-the-episodes, and are looking forward to this weekend's Season 7 premiere with the voraciousness of one of Ramsay Bolton's unfed dogs. In fact, we are listening to the Night King's Slayer-filled Spotify playlist right now.

We've written a lot about the show, too. But unlike other publications, we, of course, focus on the craft. So, without further ado (save for the mouthwatering Season 7 trailer below), here's everything we've ever written about Game of Thrones.

"We wrote a scene for Kit Harington where his face melted off. We burned off all of his hair. Kit's got great hair. And the page described exactly what his mangled face was going to look like—forever." —Showrunner D.B. Weiss

The famous Throne Room, where many a shady dealing takes place, is actually reused for many different interior locations. Depending on how the DPs light the set, it can be a stand-in for anywhere from King’s Landing (warm climates, softer lighting) to the Wall (cold climates, harsher lighting). 

Game of ThronesGame of ThronesCredit: HBO

"I remember walking on set—into the throne room—and thinking, 'I’ve got no idea how to light this. It’s so big. It’s such a different scale. And then, as it always does, it just happens." — DP Fabian Wagner

It takes upwards of 240 days in a year to shoot a season of Game of Thrones. There are over 1000 members of the crew, and they're broken down into two separate units that shoot simultaneously at different locations. Season five of the show shot in five different countries on 151 individual sets.

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