I saw a lot of weird movies in the Midnight Section at Sundance this year. Bitch, however, is a batshit insane movie. In terms of understanding what we’re dealing with here, the premise really only gets you halfway there: an underappreciated mother finds out her jerk-off husband is cheating on her and as a result, well, she turns into a dog. 

The real insanity, however, comes across in a near constant destruction of genre conventions. Is it a horror? Is it a comedy? Is it a relationship drama? At times it’s all of these things together; at times it is very clearly just one. 

Marianna Palka wrote the script in just two days, which, aside from being a remarkable achievement, is a testament to the free-wheeling nature of the film itself.  She also directs and stars in the film. At Sundance, I was joined by No Film School's Emily Buder, Marianna Palka, and actor/musician Zack Clark to discuss Palka’s unrivaled writing technique and the benefits of being a multi-hyphenate.

If you're in New York you can check out Bitch at BAM CinemaFest this week.

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