Sigma Rounds Out Full Frame Primes with Wide and Tight Lenses

Credit: Sigma
The Sigma Full Frame prime line fills out at either end of the field of view, with a 14mm and a 135mm set to ship by the end of July.

Sigma has been on a roll lately, shaking up the market with cinema primes and cinema zooms. Our own Daron James did an extensive deep dive into what exactly makes these lenses such a popular and cost effective choice for filmmakers. Back at NAB, Sigma announced two new additions to its line of full frame covering cine primes, a 14mm and a 135mm, which now have prices attached and estimated shipping before the end of the month.

Credit: Sigma

While a 135mm is always a wonderful lens to have in the kit, the 14mm prime with full frame coverage is the more exciting lens in this announcement. The wider your field of view, the smaller your image circle covering the sensor, and a 14mm FF prime isn't particularly common, especially in a cinema form factor. Add to that the fact that it opens all the way to a T2 and you have a dynamite lens that will add a valuable wide angle option to most kits. The rest of the line opens to T1.5, but it can be tricky to get that in the aperture with extremely wide or long lenses, thus the T2 we have here is quite respectable.

We did a test with the Sigma Cine-Zooms zooms back in February and were wildly impressed with the performance. Now it seems likely that the primes will match or surpass what is offered with the zooms.

Credit: Sigma

The new lenses match the rest of the line in tooth pitch, front element size, focus rotation and general design and construction. Thoughtful details are seen throughout, like glow in the dark markings, clear labelling, and even marking the thread pitch for the lens support on the support.

Both lenses carry a price tag of $4999, which is steep compared to their cheaper brethren in the full frame lineup, but a deal compared to other lenses that offer similar performance. They can be bought as a set for $10,499 with a two hole case, or part of a seven-lens set of the full line of FF Cine Primes in two cases for $24,799. 

Tech Specs:

  • EF, E and PL mounts
  • 8K resolving power
  • 180° Focus Rotation
  • .8 gear pitch
  • 95mm front diameter

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Sucks Sigma has overpriced their cine lenses so much. They completely ruined so many potential buyers with these outlandish prices.

July 30, 2017 at 12:06PM

Kaster Troy
Director, DP, Editor