Drone technology is getting better and better every year, making it easier for beginners to take it out of the box and take to the skies. However, even the most basic drone has a bit of a learning curve. So, if you're ready to shoot some sweet aerial shots but don't really know how to get off the ground, this video from Darious Britt of D4Darious shows you the basics of drone operation, from rules and regulations you need to follow before you take off to flight exercises you can practice once you're in the air. Check it out below:

There's more to flying a drone than being able to pull off sweet moves. Great drone pilots aren't just those capable of doing advanced aerial maneuvers, they're those who are capable of doing them safely. Know the rules and regulations in your area. If you're in the U.S., the FAA may require you to register your drone, but it has actually relaxed its rules to allow hobbyists to fly without having to register.

In fact, the FAA is refunding registration fees of all hobbyists who have registered thus far, and have even taken their information out of its database. So, if you want your $5 back, just fill out this form.

But once you're all squared away legally (registered if you need to, know where no-fly zones are, know not to fly over people, national parks, etc.), you can start the fun stuff, like reading your drone's manual. Seriously, read that thing. It'll give you important information about how your drone works and operates, so when you get stuck or something goes wrong you'll know how to fix it.

Britt also suggests a few great exercises you should try with your drone, including take offs and landings, hovering, flying in a square, and flying in a circle. These are basic moves that will help you be able to handle more advanced maneuvers later on.

Now, grab your drone, go out to a big open space, and have at it. And don't get discouraged when you crash that thing, because you will. Just reset and try again. 

Source: D4Darious