Do you use YouTube to edit your videos?

Most likely, your answer was, "Of course not." That's why YouTube has decided to kill off its video editor. Today, the company announced that, as of September 20, the tool will cease to exist. The company is also dropping its photo slideshow creation tool.

Of course, with standard internet speeds, editing video online is a much slower process than software-based alternatives such as Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro, but the tool did provide a convenient way to make small changes. It enabled basic cuts, as well as the addition of text, photos, audio tracks, and transitions. YouTube has said that some video editor features, such as the trim, blur, and filter enhancements, will remain available after the more robust tool is disabled.

If you are one of the apparent few who used the tool, the company advises that you wrap up your projects by September 20, and that you can use Google Takeout to grab your original files should you want to use them in a new video. And if you prefer to edit online, try some of the other tools out there like like Magisto and WeVideo.

Did you ever try the editor? Or is there another online editor that you like to use? Let us know what you thought in the comments.

Featured image from iStockPhoto