To most humans on the planet Earth, a toothpick might just be a thing that gets turkey sandwich residue out of a person's teeth, but to filmmakers, it becomes a piece of gear so useful that they never leave home without it. In fact, there are a ton of random household items that you can make use of on a film set, and in this video from Jordy Vandeput of Cinecom, you can learn about a handful of them that will do everything from clean excess dust and grime from your lenses to mount and secure your devices. Check it out below:

There might be a few on here that you already use, like clothespins (aka C-47s) for attaching filters and masking tape for labeling gear and setting markers. But Vandeput shares some really interesting ideas, as well, that I personally have never come across before. I really like the DIY cable tie trick that uses a rubber band and a couple of toothpicks, because you always have them lying around somewhere: in your utility drawer at home, on the floor of your car, or sticking out of the sandwich you just grabbed from craft services. (And if you don't, they're crazy cheap.)

Here are the items Vandeput talks about in the video:

  • Paperclips for hanging wires
  • Clothespins for attaching filters and securing cables
  • Q-tips for cleaning lenses
  • Masking tape for labeling gear, attaching lav mics and setting markers
  • Rubber bands and toothpicks for a makeshift cable tie

Do you use any household items in your filmmaking? Share your hacks down in the comments.

Source: Cinecom