One thing you should always be on the lookout for as an editor is a good tool that allows you to not only work faster, but produce better content, and luckily professional NLEs give you plenty of options in that department. In this video, filmmaker Austin Newman shows you five ways to up your game in Premiere Pro, from speeding up your workflow with shortcuts to adding a little flavor to your text animations.

The cool thing about these tips is that, though they seem completely random and unrelated to each other, they are the solutions to a lot of problems editors commonly have when trying to work more efficiently in post. In fact, keyboard shortcuts alone will cut your editing time down significantly, especially the ones that allow you to 1.) snap your clips to a desired area on your timeline, 2.) delete video or audio without having to go through the needlessly tedious process of unlinking and then re-linking your clip, and 3.) make L and J cuts instantly.

Here are the tricks Newman talks about in the video:

  • Ripple cut 
  • Motion blur for text
  • Bezier keyframe
  • Useful modifier keys
  • Synching audio

What are some other simple tricks you do in Premiere Pro to speed up your editing workflow? Let us know down in the comments!

Source: Austin Newman