As far as stabilizers go, tripods might seem pretty vanilla at first glance. I mean, their entire job is basically to keep your camera propped up and stationary, which is a far cry from the sexy acrobatics of a gimbal or death-defying aerial feats of a drone. However, if you look a little closer, those three-legged fuddy-duddies have a lot more kink than you might realize. In the videos below, Jordy Vandeput of Cinecom shows you just how versatile your boring old tripod actually is by demonstrating fifteen creative shots you can capture with one.

There are so many ways to use a tripod—so many that it feels like if all you're doing with it is plopping your camera on it and doing a few pans and tilts, you're using it wrong. To be honest, I've never tried the vast majority of these clever ideas (which just goes to show how inventive and creative I am), but knowing how to pull them off with your tripod gives you so many options when deciding how to shoot different scenes.

Here is the full list from Jordy's videos:

  • Jib shots
  • Steady ground-level tracking shots
  • Faux-drone shot
  • "The Spin" shot
  • SnorriCam shots
  • Dolly shots
  • Stable shoulder rig shots
  • Smoother tilt shots
  • Some weird rotating worm's-eye-view shot
  • Various friction panning shots
  • Bird's-eye-view crane shots
  • Twisty transitional shot
  • Lift shots
  • Faux-shoulder rig shots
  • Panning and tilting lights 

Do you know any other ways to utilize a tripod to get unique shots? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Cinecom