Aside from the camera and lens, the tripod is the most basic and essential pieces of filmmaking gear. You'd think that because all you really have to do is plot your camera onto it there's almost no special expertise necessary in order to use a tripod, but a lot can actually go wrong if you don't know how to properly set one up. In the video below, David Bergman of Adorama TV shares a few helpful tips on how to make your tripod more secure while shooting. 

These tips may sound pretty straightforward and obvious, but we've all known someone (or been someone) who has improperly set up their tripod only to have it be clumsily taken down by poor balance or a crew member's foot. Considering how ubiquitous tripods are in filmmaking, all beginners should make sure they know how important a well-balanced and secure tripod is, especially because it's stabilizing an expensive camera and lenses.

So, here are the tips Bergman mentions in the video:

  • Point one of the legs toward your subject so the space between the other two is free for you to stand while you're shooting.
  • If you need more height, extend the higher, thicker sections of the legs to give you more stability.
  • Add some weight to your tripod to make it more secure. Many tripods have a place to hang some weight from the center post.

There you go—some super simple tips on how to make your tripod more secure and safer to use. If you have any other tips, share them down in the comments below.

Source: Adorama